Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a beautiful sight ...

... kids waiting at the end of the lane for the school bus. Ahhhhhh.
Although, I didn't seem to have much time to myself yesterday. Now that the kids are back in school, it means that our summer student is back in school too. Which means I'm back in the barn every morning. I'm actually not too upset about it. I've put on 15 lbs this summer and I think it's mostly due to the fact that I'm not sweating like a cold Coke on a hot day all morning in the barn. We'll see how fast it comes off. It sure went on fast!
The September Scraphoria kit is up! I LOVED these Little Yellow Bicycle papers! I've been wanting to try them for awhile and this kit is just packed with paper! I also ordered a second set of the papers, so I've got more projects to come this month.

Sadly, this is the last kit that Scraphoria will be doing. The store will remain open but the demands of family and health mean that the monthly kits have come to an end. But what a great kit to go out on!
Here are the layouts and a card with matching envelope I've completely so far. I seem to be in a glitter/glossy accents phase now. Everything took so long to do because of Drying Time. There must be a way to do glitter without having to wait for glue to dry.
This is the look I get when I ask Paul to smile. I'm not sure why he thinks he need to close his eyes.
Holy fussy cutting! Major hand cramp afterwards but I think it was worth it.
Total luck to get this photo. They all have their right foot forward and happened to be looking in the same direction when I snapped the photo.
My mom at her trailer. Kindly notice the heavy coating of glitter on the title letters. Mmmm ... glitter.
A 50th anniversary card that took me longer to do than most layouts. Hope they like it!
And a matching envelope.
With any luck, I hope to get a few hours to scrap this afternoon. Fingers crossed!


Paula Barber said...

These projects ROCK!
I mean serious yum-age.
Sorry to hear it's the last kit.

Colleen said...

i love these kits!!!! and that pic of your hubs with the boys is priceless.

karen m. (akaliz) said...

beautiful stuff on your blog! looks like a great kit; at least the store will still be there, right?

thanks for visiting my blog

laverneboese said...

wow!!!! I love all of your layouts...just beautiful!!!