Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back at it

Those vitamins worked. At least I think they did.
Finally got to some scrapping last week for the crop at Noel Mignon. I want to retake the photos of my layouts because it was so dark when I did them originally, they just look like crap. Maybe today. The sun is actually shining. But there's a tonne of snow on the ground. It better melt. We still have corn in the field and evidently you can't combine corn when it's got snow on it. Snow on the ground is fine, just not on the actual corn.
We missed Paul's last day of speech therapy this morning because I had to go to pick up Will at school. He was sick on the bus, but when I got there, he was eating his lunch. That kid bounces back so fast. So we left him there.
Paul actually fell asleep in the van. That happens when you get up at 4:45am to pester the dogs. Evil. I should check him for the "mark".
Nothing too exciting going on but a busy week ahead. Karate tomorrow night and the instructer is doing an adult class afterwards that I hope to stay for. Chiropractor and hair cut on Thursday. Can't wait. I'm so friggin' raggedy. And Will has a dentist appointment for Friday.
Sorta hoping to see my Noel Mignon Home Sweet Home kit sometime this week. She sent it out weeks ago, but it seems to be taking it's time somewhere. Either that, or some scrappy mail lady took it home when she realized what it was. I did manage to snag the Christmas kit from Noel before they sold out. It only took a few hours before they were gone, but I was on the ball for the pre-order. Now I know Christmas is coming after I've bought my first Christmas kit! Now to begin Christmas shopping. Bob thinks he wants a paint ball gun. No damn way. He's 7 and a spaz. I'm not adding a paint ball gun into that crazy mix. Will's pretty easy ... crafty stuff and a few toys. I think Paul will be getting an abundance of tractors. He's always taking Bob's and it seems to not go over very well.
Think I may try to squeeze in a little nappy poo today. I can't do these early mornings.

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