Monday, December 8, 2008

Pardon my French ...

... but I am PISSED!
So I'm upstairs trying to hem up a $3 bathrobe that I bought at the Salvation Army today for Bob to wear as "Joseph" at his Christmas concert tomorrow. I have Will & Paul in the tub, with Bob watching. They're in the very next room. I hear laughter. How nice. Then I hear something that perks up my ears. I say, "there better not be any water outside of that tub!". Bob says, "there is ... it's like a flood!" and laughs. It's all the way out into the hall. 5 big bath towels later, it's fairly dry. I've never seen these kids get into the pjs so fast and hop in bed without complaining. My throat hurts.
I come down to cool out. Grab a glass of wine. Sit down.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
There's still water dripping down through the ceiling.
Another towel and a bucket.
That's all.
Nothing else to share right now.
Just wanted y'all to understand what my evenings are like.
Try not to be too jealous.


NancyG said...

oh, dear. swear word.
have another glass of wine.

Lee said...

That is *so* Dennis-the-Menace! It's like those cliched things you hear about, but figure never really happen in real life. Like broken windows, frogs in pockets and PB&J in the VCR. (am I ringing any bells here?)