Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Santa came ...

... and he brought me a GT Snow Racer!"
This was heard at 2:30 am Christmas morning at our house.
After yelling at that one to get back to bed and just settling back in for our long winter's nap, the little one woke up. Not because Santa came. Just to be a pain. And he was up for HOURS. Dave took a turn with him downstairs watching Diego and then the dogs got up too. So I went down and Dave went back to bed. I just got Paul back to sleep on the couch with me and everyone was up for the day. My eye twitched all day long.
Santa did bring a sled. Which he used during that day and the next. It has started to turn mild, so it may not get used for awhile now.
Will got the Pikachu pillow he wanted so desperately.
Santa hooked Paul up with a Diego chair, pillow, slipper and gitch to match the little outfit Grandma bought this year. But he'd rather be playing with what his brothers got.
And then he crashed. Stripped down to his diaper and socks, wrapped himself up in the snuggly blanket and took a siesta. Little bugger. I would have joined him if I wasn't getting ready for company. Not fair at all.
Molly seemed pleased with her lion, but then was much more interested in chewing up toys that didn't belong to her. Her favorite seems to be the stethascope from Paul's medical kit. Maybe she wants to be a doctor.
It's a good job she's cute.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is now relaxing after all of the craziness. My eye has stopped twitching but we have one more family gathering to get through so I'm sure it will make another appearance. Wine helps.


Colleen said...

that puppy is adorable. reminds me of my own pup, who is now nearly 10 but still well in puppy mode. unfortunately...they don't make jack russell proof toys so i see that scene quite a bit. always followed by an empty toy and stuffing all around the living room

CraftE-Blog said...

SO cute! The boys are getting so big! Ethan got that same pokemon pillow!! Best wishes for the new year Tara!