Friday, January 9, 2009

Catching up

I think that my almost-three-year-old has been studying torture techniques somewhere. I think he thinks that if I am sleep deprived enough, I will feed him candy and soda pop. He gets up through the night and then crashes through the day. Nothing I do will wake him up once he drops. It's maddening. Today it was 4pm that I found him asleep on a chair. I tried waking him up at supper, and he just wasn't having it. So when 10pm rolled around, he was good to go. I'm hoping that he'll run out of steam sometime in the next hour or two.
In the meantime, I'm catching up with my daily photos.
January 3rd - My little spot (No explanation necessary.)

January 4th - My Little Journal (A new journal for the year. I thought if I wrote my resolutions and goals out, I may actually get somewhere with them.)

January 5th - Fort (I didn't notice until I uploaded this photo that you can actually see Will waving from inside.)

January 6th - My Boy (Molly always has to be laying on someone if she sees them sleeping. Please also note that this is Paul's afternoon "crash".)

January 7th - Yellow Belts (back to karate after their first belt test)

January 8th - Necessary (I love my steam cleaner. 3 boys and 2 dogs on a farm. Enough said.)


Colleen said...

i love looking at everyone's daily photos. it's like a little slice of life that i didn't know existed with my friends

:: gingerkitty :: said...

love all the pics