Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Project

I'm going to attempt this photo a day for the year business. I'm hoping it will force me to take more interesting photos than of just my kids and dog. Even I'm getting sick of looking at them. Ha.
January 1st - Oliebollen

My mother-in-law makes these at New Year's, so we've had them before. But Bob had his friend Jacob come for a sleepover on Thursday and they brought this lovely, nummy plate of Oliebollen for us. Jacob's father is Dutch and is the one who made these doughnut desserts. They're best eaten fresh, but a few seconds in the microwave perk them right up. I have two stashed away still and think I may just go eat 'em after I finish typing up this post!
January 2nd - Lost

I took down the tree yesterday and happened to find this little guy among the Christmas decorations. Nothing quite like a skull to perk up your Christmas tree. I have no idea who hung it or when it was hung, but I suppose that's life with little boys.
At least the tree is down. Well ... out on the porch. But out of the house. Now just to get the rest of the Christmas things put away. I think we've all had enough for the year.

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CraftE-Blog said...

What's the photo a day thing all about?