Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For those of you ...

... on Weight Watchers who are planning a trip to Burger King, may I recommend figuring out your points before going rather than after. Your menu choice may change.
I just had a Whopper combo, figuring that the number may be high, but not crazy. The burger alone was 17 points. Add in the fries for another 8. Swear word.
DO NOT go for the Whopper. Almost anything else ends up being better for you.
There. I feel better after ranting a bit.
On a better note, I bought a pilates/yoga DVD. I have pilates tapes, but we no longer have a VCR that works (3 died in a single year) so the tapes do me no good at all.
As you were.


Colleen said...

do you have wendy's there? the kids meals aren't bad. that's usually what i get when i go fast food with a diet soda. the points are still high, but not break the bank.

TheresaK said...

UGH...that reminds me...I need to get back on the WW wagon. good luck!