Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I finally ...

... bit the bullet. My computer is almost 6 years old and the only thing I've really done to it is add a bit more ram 3 years ago. And invested in an external hard drive. And replaced the keyboard. Twice. You'd think I would learn not to drink at the computer. Not booze. Just coffee and orange juice. But apparently electronics don't discriminate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages when they're spilled upon.
Anyway, the fax/copier has also been a pain (ie. won't print anything) and prompted my search for new toys. Which resulted in a new everything. They're getting everything set up for me and I pick it up tomorrow. Other times, I would do the installing and whatnot myself, but I just cannot be bothered with it. I just want to plug it in and make it go vroom.
This should also hopefully solve my problem of finding melted popcicles at my desk if I can set the old one up somewhere else for the popcicle kids to use.
But now I'm going to have to pull in my spending after dropping such a wad on this non-essential item. At least for a few months. Boo.
It's supposed to rain almost every day this week but with some warmer temperatures which are good for all of the wee plants. I want to take the kids to stay at my mom's trailer for a few days next week, so I hope the rain drops off a bit by then. Rain + warm weather + beautiful park = many many mosquitos. They don't bother Will and I too much but they eat Bob and Paul alive. They must get that from Dave. I think that's one of the reasons he's not big on camping. He always ends up with bites everywhere that welt right up. Not pretty.
Before I head of to bed for the night, I thought I'd share a few layouts that I actually have had laying around for a bit.
This one was done for a round of layout tag at Noel Mignon. So fun. Check it out here. We're doing another one in the fall, so join the message board to sign up.

And this was sort of my induction into spraying and masking. I used a vinyl Maya Road something or other (can't remember what it's called) and some alcohol ink mixed with water. It worked not to bad that day. In fact, I was quite smitten. But when I went to use the leftover in my little mini mister at a later date, it didn't spray quite so nicely. In future, I will only mix up small amounts and clean out my sprayer immediately to avoid the gunking. Still fun though.


irishirish15 said...

great journal box and embellishments - love the LO.

Beth Perry said...

OMG!! Yes~! I saw the breast cancer dance! It made me cry!!! And I LOVED the zombie one afterwards! Such a good night last night.
BTW, I LOVE your layouts. So beautiful!

Heather said...

Love the "smile please" layout and the colours and mist on the other one are great! I hear you about the mosquitos...I wonder if it will ever stop raining?

Lydia said...

Wow love that scatterbrained page, great use of vintage Core-dinations, love it!!

Colleen said...

love what you did with the ink. i keep meaning to try that, but i'm scared.

hold my hand?