Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun

I'm really not a beach person. Never have been.
But now that I've got kids, I'm starting to come around.
They're happy for hours on end. As long as I take drinks and snacks and have towels at the ready, it's good stuff.
Dave's cousin bought a cottage on Lake Huron last year, so I loaded up the kids (and my in-laws) and we went for a visit one day this week. The weather was gorgeous and I love that her beach is so private. It's maybe not the nicest beach as far as lots of sand goes, but it was perfect for us. Enough sand for the kids to dig in, nice big rocks to play on, trees to make forts under, drift wood to drag around and only the odd person within sight.
Bob insisted that I take numerous photos of him lifting and dragging the big driftwood logs because he wanted to show Dad.

Will kept standing on the big rock just under the water and pretending that he was surfing.

Mr. Droopy Drawers would run to the water, get his face wet and come back to wipe it on his towel every time. I don't want to say that he did it more than a hundred times, but it wasn't far off.

Some very cool rocks to look at and wonder what type they were.


Ahhh. I could live here. Maybe not in the winter. It gets reeeeeal cold in the winter with the wind coming off of that lake.

And a few games of badminton and volleyball with Opa before we headed home.

Not a bad day at all.
We went to another beach yesterday but it didn't measure up to our afternoon the day before. Dirty, cold, cranky kids. I should have known better than to press my luck two days in a row.
This coming week is supposed to be hot and humid so I predict activities involving water.

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Colleen said...

fun! i love that pick of him holding that big piece of driftwood.