Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And ... they're off!

Getting a decent picture of these two before the bus came was definately an exercise in patience. They should be home shortly and I'm excited to hear how everything went.

Paul was less than thrilled that his brothers wouldn't be home for him to boss around for the day. This is him as the bus was pulling away.

It didn't help that we left to take the dog to the vet this morning too. We can't pick her up until tomorrow morning so he's been a little lonely today.
Here's a few layouts from the crop the other night.
Nothing fancy but I've got photos piling up that need to be scrapped.
Love these puffy Making Memories letters. I've had them for awhile but saving them for just the right layout.

Paul (below) cracking everyone up. He thinks he's a comedian.

I'm thinking that fresh peanut butter cookies might be called for. It IS the first day of school, afterall ;)

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Mama Tuttle said...

Love the first day of school pictures! The one of your youngest is priceless!!