Monday, November 23, 2009

November Blahs

How is everyone this fine Monday? It's starting to really cool down. I just bundled up the little guy in his insulated coveralls and toque to go out to mess around in the workshop with Opa. Starting tomorrow, we're supposed to be going into rain for the rest of the week. It won't be long until the snow is flying. I'd better check on the winter boot situation before we get there. I've been known to send my kids to school in the snow wearing shoes because they'd outgrown last year's boots and I hadn't gotten around to buying this year's boots. Bad momma.
I really go into a funk in the fall. I'm not sure why. Partly the weather maybe. My birthday is in November and I hate my birthday. My dad got sick in November and never recovered. Just a bunch of things together I guess. Last week I was in a real mood. Didn't want to do anything or see anyone. Bob had to have a tooth pulled on Thursday and I was a little nervous about that. They put him right out because it was a molar that had never come up right and wasn't going to be too much fun to get out. While I was with him in the little recovery room ... I passed out. Poor kid. I'm sitting there talking to the dentist and end up on the floor. I think that was the worst part of the day for him. Real embarassing for me. And then they wouldn't let me drive home because I just couldn't get rid of the dizzies. My mom and father-in-law had to come because it was a 45 minute drive and my vehicle had to get home too. Grrr. I still am not too sure what was up with me. Didn't feel too great for the next few days either. I'm trying to give up caffeine and sugar. Well ... cut back considerably. I was really watching what I ate all last week, not drinking pop, no coffee, no candy ... and I didn't drop a single pound. How defeating. Fell off the wagon last night with pizza and Coke but I've got to get back on track this week. It's got to kick in at some point.
I'm trying to get some bookwork done today. I'm about 4 months behind on getting my accounts into the computer and I just hate working on stuff from so long ago. It's hard to concentrate. So I blog. Not good. Better get going.
Thought I'd share a layout I did last week with some of the new Cosmo Cricket (lurve woodgrain) and Sassafras from the summer. You just gotta cut out those balloons and the little fella ... right?