Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our kitty has come into heat. I haven't had a housecat since I was in university, and she was fixed. Otherwise, I grew up on a farm where cats stayed in the barn. So this is my first experience with all day MROOOOWing. And all night. She goes into the basement to holler and it echoes through the house. Good times.
Getting some big things checked of my To Do List this week. The accountant was here on Tuesday to go through year end for the farm. Lord. He was supposed to be here at 2pm ... called at 2:30 to say he thought our appointment was 3pm ... showed up slightly after 3 and was here until almost 8pm. And I was super organized this year. He's getting much more thorough because there have been so many farm audits over the last two years. But it's done.
Poor Paul has a cold right now. I had to get groceries yesterday and felt awful about dragging him with me so I took him to Burger King for a treat. He took one bite of a nugget and was done. That's how sick he is. Normally, he'll eat everything he has and finish other people's food too. But he slept for 4 hours yesterday afternoon and slept all night. He won't take cough medicine so I always put Vicks on his feet. Ever try it? Totally works. Slather Vicks Vaporub on the bottoms of your feet (put on some socks) and go to bed. You'll hardly cough. I'll warn ya though ... you'll never completely get the Vicks out of those socks.
I also finished up my first layout for Scrap Your Crap. The challenge will go live on March 1st and Up The Street will be sponsoring the prize for March. Make sure to check it out!
Here's a little peek. Can you figure out what the challenge is?

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Cathy said...

Hey Tara...of Scraphoria's you, right? Stumbled upon your blog and remembered after reading only the first post, how funny you were (love your cat-in-heat sounds), and your layout's cute - and congrats on'm sorry we lost touch. You look great!