Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday, March Break and Packing Kits

Bob's birthday was last Friday. He turned 9 and decided he was too old for birthday parties. That, and he got himself into a lot of trouble at the end of last year's party. So we took two of his friends tubing at River Valley. I wish I gotten better pictures, but they don't open until 6pm on Fridays so it was pretty much dark once they got going down the hills.
We should have known that Paul was too little for such an adventure, but we tend to do things the hard way. Two times down and he was done. I think the biggest problem is that once the sun goes down, the hill get fast. Real fast. Scary fast for an almost-three boy.
But the big boys had a tonne of fun.
Here's the birthday boy all flushed and rumpled after two solid hours of going up and down.
Paul's birthday is tomorrow and he turns four. He's pretty excited. Doing the count down for a week now. I was Duty Parent at Playschool this past Tuesday so I took in cupcakes for his birthday. The kids all sang Happy Birthday to him. I wish I'd taken the camera. The look on his face was so proud. I think this is the first year that he's really "getting" the whole birthday deal.
And yes ... he's wearing a muscle shirt. He is the only kid that is very specific about what he will wear. Jeans ... blue only. He had to wear black ones the other day because I'm a touch behind on my laundry and we had a scene. Absolutely no sweat pants. And he loooooves his muscle shirts and t-shirts. He is now on Day 5 of wearing one of Bob's t-shirts (stolen on the sly) and refuses to wear anything else. He also enjoys his hats. Sometimes he sleeps in them.
March Break has started. We don't really go anywhere. Will has a birthday party on Friday night and wants to go to Grandma's for a day or two sometime this week. That's about it. We might try to work in a few playdates at some point.
The other thing I've been busy at is getting the March kit ready to go for the reveal tomorrow at Up The Street.
I have Jennifer Roach as my guest designer this month and am so happy that I asked her. She's worked super fast and her layouts are really lovely.
Here are a few peeks until the reveal tomorrow ...

I guess that's it for now. Time to start thinking about supper. It's only 4:30pm, which means it was only 3:30pm yesterday (crazy Daylight Savings Time), but my tummy is growlin'. We eat our breakfast/lunch when we come in from the barn on Sundays, so supper never seems to come early enough and we have lots of little snacks through the day. Not great, but that's the way it is :)

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