Friday, April 30, 2010


It's Friday. I'm never certain whether I look forward to the weekends or not.

Pro ... no rush on Saturday morning to get kids ready for school.
Con ... I have to get up and ship pigs on Sunday morning and the truck driver is usually here before 7:30 am.
Pro ... the kids are home.
Con ... the kids are home and usually arguing.

To be honest, weekends have never been a big deal to me. Before we had the boys, I worked at a resort and generally worked weekends. Now we farm, have three boys, and there are no days off at all. We don't go out all that much or have weekend getaways like people who have the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 jobs.

I guess that Dave recognizes the weekends more than I do. He still has to go the barn every day and will be in the field if the weather is good and crops need tending. But if he's caught up, he'll do something non-farm related on a Saturday afternoon and take it easy on a Sunday afternoon.

For example, this is what he's been doing with his spare time this spring ... a cabin, on a hill, looking down toward the river at the other farm. Most of the structural materials were "scavenged" so the project hasn't cost very much at all. Someone we knew had put an addition on an older home a few years back and ended up building a new home last year so offered the addition to Dave. The wall that connected to the main house was missing, so Dave framed in old windows and plans to add a deck on that side, as it looks down on the river.
I'm calling it the Man Shack because there is no bathroom. But Dave thinks he could rent it out for scrapbook retreats. I don't think he really understands the concept. Ladies like to be able to sit on a toilet. At least I do ;)

The next challenge at Scrap Your CRAP goes up tomorrow so here's a wee peek. Any guesses as to the theme?

Just a reminder that the 30% off NSD sale is running until tomorrow at Up The Street :)

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