Thursday, May 15, 2008

new additions

We've recently made some new additions to the family. Our neighbors were wanting to find a new home for these rabbits and the boys were more than happy to oblige.
Apple is our outdoor bunny and has the pinkest eyes ever.

And Nibbler (I just call him bunnybunnybunny) has taken up residence in the house. I though a rabbit might be skittish around the kids, but he's gotten used to them fairly quickly. I've never had a rabbit and I can't believe how soft they are. I think I'm liking the bunnies more than the kids!


Carol said...

I can't wait to bring Elsie over to meet the bunnies! Oh, and the boys! tee hee

Cathy said...

So cute!!!!
Do they poop in the house?? Sorry...inquiring minds want to know.

Welcome to blog-world!

Danielle said...

OMG you're hilarious!!!! Liking the bunnies more than the kids :)

I used to have a bunny, he was called "Bunnie" - it was all black with white was ADORABLE!!! He was litter trained too... I loved that little guy!

Shellie said...

Awww! So cute. Hayley wants a bunny...we've told her no way because Lucky would go nuts! Do they poop in the house?

Colleen said...

how fun!