Saturday, May 17, 2008

sneak peak & bunny poop

The sneak peak for June went up at Scraphoria yesterday ...

As luck would have it, my kit came in the mail yesterday as well. Unfortunately, the photos I ordered online weren't ready when I went to pick them up so I had to go back today.
I played a bit tonight and have a few layouts done. This kit makes me so happy! It's a line I've never used before, but it's so versitile that I already have 4 more layouts laid out to work on and a few project ideas in my head.
On the bunny poop front ... yes, the wee bugger does poop a bit. I picked up some kitty litter today and am going to give the whole litter training thing a go. But he seems to be a morning and late evening kind of guy. His little cage is left open all day and nary a poop is seen all afternoon. And he has definately made himself at home. Tonight I walked into the sunroom, and there he is ... perched up on three pillows and donkey (from Shrek) on the couch ... nibbling on the pillows. Maybe I need to feed him more so he doesn't eat the home accents.

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