Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh! My eyes!

Is it just me, or are there some things that you really don't want to ever have to see? Let me explain. I pull into the parking lot at Michael's today. Find a space two spots in from the door. Park, look to my immediate left and see a couple who were (and I apologize but there's really no other way to say this) sucking face. Not a young couple, mind you. They were at least mid-fifties and were at it like they were back in high school. At 2pm. Outside the craft store. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. Maybe it's something to aspire to. But today, I just didn't need to see that.

On a more visually pleasing note, here's the layout I sent to my friend Michelle. I love having the opportunity to scrap girls for a change. I feel like I can plaster on the flowers and sparklies. However, I think I restrained myself quite well as far as Stickles go on this one. I wanted to cover it but thought it might be overkill.

I received the layout that Michelle did for me of my little Paul today. I'll have to post it tomorrow 'cause it's so dang cute!

This guy looks so sweet & innocent. But he's not. I felt bad that I was away this afternoon and he was cooped up in his little cage so I let him stay out tonight for awhile longer. Apparently, he gets a little freaky late at night because he's been trying to seduce my foot. He's back in his cage now. I've got enough going on without having to spend my time rejecting the romantic advances of a rabbit.

That was my day. How was your's?


Colleen said...

I hate PDAs! I mean, holding hands is one thing but get a room! But, at 50, maybe we should applaud them. LOL

Who knows...they are probably some couple having an affair and craft store parking lots are their only place to go

Shellie said...

lol! I have to laugh at Colleen's comment!! You could be would be a good hideout...who would think to look there for a straying spouse??

I just love the layout you did for me Tara!!! I think I might frame this one and hang it up! Now I have one that you've done of both my babies!! Thank so much!

Shellie said...

thanks for the awsome layout tara

love hayley

scrappysue said...

hi there - found you thru colleen

i think that couple needs applauding too - unless they were cheating on other people, then you should have done a kathy bates ala fried green tomatoes.

our kids are always telling us to get a's fun to gross them out...