Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Saturdays seem to be a write-off now that the kids have started soccer for the year. I had the little guy with me yesterday too so I didn't get too much visiting done like I usually do!
It's already hot and humid in the mornings when they play. I dread thinking what it will be like come July. I took extra water but it looks like I need to bring more next week.
When we got home, I went into town to a sale that had used kid's clothing. I picked up a bunch of jeans and shorts for the boys to wear on the farm. They just destroy clothes around here and I refuse to buy new things to be covered in mud and grease.
While I was gone, it poured rain so the ditch was filled with water. The kids were out playing in the mud and guck. Which was fine until I looked out to see one of them completely naked. I made him at least put his underwear back on but he ended up an awful mess.

And I made this bracelet today for a mini class at Scraphoria. I'm so jazzed at how it turned out. I think I've seen them made with Mod Podge but I used UTEE and they look like ceramic beads. Very cool. Paper Bead Bracelet

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