Saturday, June 7, 2008

Broken Glasses, Punches & Rednecks

It looks like I'm not very good at keeping this thing updated. I think I'll blame it on the heat. On a good note though, all this sweating helps to clean out the pores. That's the only good thing I can think of right now.
Finding my glasses broken is how I started my day today. Not a good sign. P has twisted them before and I've always managed to "craft" them back into service. But I think they've bitten the proverbial dust. Unless Tombow adhesive or Diamond Glaze holds metal together. I"m cheap, but I'm not walking around with Duct Tape on my spectacles.

Did the soccer mom thing this morning. It's nice to sit and visit with grownups for a change. As long as we're near the playground or I have enough snacks to keep the little guy charged up, we're good.
B went to African Lion Safari on a school trip yesterday. You couldn't have paid me to go on a school outing with grades 1 & 2 in heat like that. When I went to pick him up, all the parents just had this glazed-over look in their eyes. Better them than me. I'll have to take my turn eventually. I just hope it won't be as hot as it was yesterday.
My friend Michelle sent me this layout last week. It's done with a photo I took last summer and sort of forgot about. I'm so glad to have it to add to my album. Getting a layout from someone else is a bit like going out for dinner. You recognize the ingredients and can figure out how it's made, but it always tastes different when someone else cooks ... a treat. Thanks Michelle!

While wasting time on Etsy this morning, I came across this store ... ScotiaMade. If you like dry, sarcastic humour, this is probably the place for you. And as I am the recent owner of a couple of bunnies, I enjoyed the cards even more.
Went to the thrift store and stopped at a yard sale last weekend. Now that I've got a scraproom to organize, I'm on the lookout for neat storage ideas. I picked up this wire basket for 75 cents a the thrift store for my favorite ribbons and trims.
These cigar boxes were $2 each at a yard sale. He had some other lovely wooden boxes but I wasn't really in the mood to spend $75 on a box about a foot wide to store stamps in. They stunk like cigars, but I stored some vanilla tea light candles in them and now they will store acrylic stamps and beads.
This is a skirt I found at the same thrift store for $2.50. It's new, but is a size 2. I would need 4 or 5 to cover my girth but I thought the design was pretty. Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm sure I'll think of something. Maybe a notebook cover or checkbook cover or I might just cut out the designs to use on layouts and cards.
I also splurged on a few new punches. I don't have any of the border punches and this one was marked down. I was actually looking for the coveted Threading Water Punch, but I'm beginning to think it's an urban myth.
And I had intended to get the Martha Stewart butterfly punch, but when I saw it, I thought, "when am I actually going to use that?" So I decided on this 1 inch scalloped circle. Also marked down.
I've never bought any of the Martha Stewart paper before, but these were marked down so I thought I'd give them a try. When I opened them at home, I realized that they are pretty well all metallic and quite thin. I'll reserve judgement on them until I actually use them, but I have a feeling I may be disappointed.

On a final note, the kid that works for us wanted to take one of our tractors to his prom last weekend. Craziness. But they're a nice looking couple despite the tractor. I think a good time was had and he won the Biggest Redneck award. He's proud of it, so I guess that's what matters. But I will say this ... I wouldn't have ridden in a tractor to the prom unless I was drunk.


Colleen said...

kids go to the prom in GA in tractors all the time. i'm with you...ain't no way!

lemme know how you like the MS woodgrain paper. i've been eyeing it myself, but I keep saying no.

JeWill said...

Busy busy girl! Sorry about the glasses!
I'm with you, no tractor to the prom - then again my prom was in Toronto!

Grat lo, Shllie gave justice to that pic!