Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Sunday

What a beautiful day it is today. Not hot or muggy, but sunny with a nice breeze. I can't figure out why these kids want to be in the house. When we were young, we were outside all the time. Maybe my memory isn't as perfect as I think it is. They managed to play for a little while without arguing in the sand box though.

It was really raining yesterday morning so we forgot about going to soccer and I slipped into town for a few groceries. There was a yard sale across the street and was happy to find this typewriter. It's not quite what I'm looking for. I'd like something more vintage but for $5, this will do for now.

I loaded up the bikes and took the boys to Mom's in the afternoon. We had lunch at her house, then drove down to her trailer park. I grew up camping in this park and spent hours biking on these trails. This is my favorite. There are no camp sites along this stretch so it sees very little traffic. It is so quiet in this spot and you can pedal as slowly to enjoy the quiet or as fast as you can because you probably won't have to stop for cars.

W started complaining almost immediately so we took him back to the trailer. Along with P, who was riding on the back of my bike.

B and I did alright until he swerved to miss a little pothole, wiped out in front of me and I drove over him. That'll be something to discuss 20 years from now with his shrink ... "my mom drove over me!".
We've come up with a name for the kitty ... Isabella ... a.k.a. Izzy. She's getting used to everyone now. Still a little skittish, but that's going away. She hasn't messed anywhere in over a day. I didn't think she'd take to the litter box that fast but I'm certainly not complaining.

This is one of her favorite cozy little spots.
That's it for me. I cleaned all morning so I'm off for a shower and some scrappy time!
Have a great day!


Denise said...

The kids around here seem to want to spend all day inside, too. Drives me crazy. I remember growing up and leaving in the morning and not returning until supper. It sure isn't like that anymore.

Colleen said...

yay for typewriters!!

NancyG said...

hey there...

just stumbled on your blog, very cool

found a few typewriters @ Antiques at Hyde Park ~ a really cool vintage one with case in booth A407, don't know if it works but it was $20!

a girl could spend waaaaayyyy too much money in there!