Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back from the Beach

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of being out in the sun. But with kids, you just gotta do stuff.
We headed down to the beach at the Pinery Provincial Park on Saturday. It was a perfect day ... nice an warm but with a beautiful breeze coming in off of the lake.
This is DH & P making their way to the lake.

Our friends' little girl ... I spent waaay too much time taking photos of her but I usually just get boys to look at!

The lads making a break for it.

W modelling the finest in swine couture.

P looking for his big brother.

J & B showing off their hard work ... a "camp fire".

This is the money shot. I hope that they're still looking at this one 40 years from now.

Messing around outside today with P. This is what I get when I ask him to smile. My heart just melts.

We took Izzy outside to explore a bit today. She wasn't too sure of herself but a few more days and she'll be climbing trees.

Better head to bed. These afternoon naps are messing me all up.


laverneboese said...

love all the pictures!

Kristii said...

Fantastic pictures!!

AnnaMarie said...

Awesome pics!!!