Friday, July 11, 2008

Splash & Play

Nothing very exciting going on around here the last few days.
I had to go into London on Wednesday and I didn't even go to the LSS. I haven't been overly impressed with it lately and she's very expensive. But I did stop at Michaels and was lucky enough to pick up a Threading Water Punch. Again, I think Michaels is expensive but I had to have it.
My favorite t-shirts were on sale at Eddie Bauer so I bought a few of those. And a pair of flip flops. Love flip flops.
Some skin stuff. A pair of denim shorts for P.
And some wicked antique looking bracket things I'm going to make a shelf with for my scrapbook room.
My Scraphoria DT kit came yesterday for August. Oooooo. It's so bright and fun! I have so many ideas running through my brain and I don't even know where to start.
I'm planning on taking the kids to the Splash Pad today, but if they keep acting the way they have been this morning, I may just leave them there.
The only real traumatic event in the last while would be the incident in my scrap room the other night. A bat. On my chair. Not one foot away from my head. I've still got the willies. I feel violated. Ewwww. I'm going to start keeping a badminton racket up there.
Well, I'm off to make some sandwiches and yummies to take with us when we go today. Hopefully it doesn't rain.
Have a fun weekend!

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vtpuggirl said...

Be careful, bats are highly contagious with rabies! Like dh take care of that! Happy for your finds, can't wait to see what you make with your kit!