Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here it is!

I finished up my tote last night. I used it today to take library books back, but I intend it for scrapping on the go.
For those of you that are interested, it measures 14x14x4 inches. The outer fabrics have a heavy interfacing but I didn't bother with the linings because it was a heavier fabric.

There are two decent sized pockets inside.

And the lower fabric around the outside edges are actually 4 seperate pockets as well.
Lots of pockets = lots of scrappies.

I was trying to get W to hold the bag so I could take a photo showing the handles properly, but he was not having it today. He took this fab photo of me. Barf. Me ... not the photo. Not bad for a 5-year-old who was giggling.

And I made this little jewellry for it tonight (hence, the crap photo). It reads "Scrappiness Equals Happiness". A Maya Road keychain "sheet", Maya Road bird & apple bauble (which I'm sure you can't even see), October Afternoon floral paper, Making Memories letter stickers, Heidi Grace Ribbon, one of my little paper beads made from Daisy Ds paper and I have no idea who makes the little silver beads.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with myself. Although I almost drove off the road today because I kept looking at the pretty colours!
I don't think there's much chance of me going into business. I wouldn't make any money by the time I take into account how long it takes me to make one of these!

My July Studio Calico came today! Fun fun fun!
And I stopped by our Walmart to see if they had gotten any of the Martha Stewart stuff in yet. Yess ... I got the lace doily punch. And a glitter set with silver, grey and black glitter. Everyone raves about the glitter and I have yet to try it. Black is definately one colour I don't have (nor grey), so I'll have to break it open this weekend.

What else .... oh yeah ... my 7-year-old hit my 5-year-old in the face yesterday with a wooden baseball bat. This happened while I was in the barn so my in-laws had the pleasure of the drama. It was an accident. Someone standing in the wrong place. I'm sure the first of many for the summer. But poor little W has a bit of a puffy cheek and the beginnings of a nice bruise. He's so clutzy to begin with (an inherited trait from yours truly) that he certainly doesn't need any help with injuries. I'm just glad it wasn't any higher (right in the eye) or any lower (cracked jaw). He knows how to work it though ... freezies and popcicles and ice cream ... oh my! It's a little hard to say "no" while looking in his sweet battered little face.

Hope I can get to sleep tonight. It is beyond hot. And muggy. Ugh. I'll try to think about being stranded in the Arctic. I doubt it will work, but it's all I've got!


Kristii said...

Your bag is totally awesome!! I totally love it!!! The jewelry is perfect!! So sorry about the bb bat incident. My son used a golf club....Hope you have a great night!!

vtpuggirl said...

Sorry about your little one, but your bag is uber cute!

Jen said...

That bag is awesome Tara! Also love the "Scrappiness is Happiness" tag :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

very nice bag. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment and inspiration.

living creating & appreciating my blog

Colleen said...

wow!!! that bag is awesome! you made that?!?! stunna, girl. stunna.

and look at you all cute and sassy with your bag. now i know what you look like...not at all like I pictured, but adorable just the same

cute hair!

Cathy said...

Tara - that tote is awesome. And love the tag!!

laverneboese said...

Love the tote. It is absolutely beautiful!

Carol said...

LOVE the tote. LOVE the tag. And the photo is pretty darn cute too!

Hope W is on the mend!!!!!!!!!!