Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Did a bit of sewing tonight. Working on my scrappy tote. Have to finish up the handles and lining. Just deciding on whether to add more pockets.

My intention is to use it for when I go away for a few days to my mom's trailer or for crops. I have a bad habit of taking 10 times too much stuff, so whatever doesn't fit in this bag isn't coming with me. I figure a few kits and the essentials should do it.

Speaking of kits ... I ordered this the other night ...

I've never tried Red Velvet before but I love all of the vintage and fun bits in these kits.

Totally missed everything I was going to do on Sunday. Well ... not everything. I did go to the barn. But then I hit the couch with a headache. My husband took the older boys to my SIL's for the shower while I stayed home with the little guy. We both slept. And I missed going to my mom's. I'll be eating Greek Pasta Salad all week. And dip. The cake's almost gone though. It's angel food so it doesn't really count. Ha.
For years, I've had horrible headaches and I've always thought they were migraines. They seem to be getting worse so I was googling "migraine" the other day and realized that a migraine is only on one side of the head. Mine are always the whole head, running down my neck and into my back. And yes ... I know that self-diagnosing on the internet is probably not a great idea. So far, I've determined I have Lime Disease, definately Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, with a touch of mad cow. I suppose I should go to the doctor. I suppose I should get a thorough physical, complete with blood tests and all that nonsense. I really hate needles. I'll make an appointment tomorrow. You're my witnesses that I said I would!


Colleen said...

first, go get your eyes checked. i had whole head headaches and all i needed was glasses.

now to just remember to wear them...

that kit looks awesome. i'm trying to resist. i've got SC and WIPs project kit this month, and I caved and bought elke's add on over at sweet twee. make me stop spending money!!!!

it's cause i miss my kits. :(

Kristii said...

That kit looks awesome!!! That is quite a diagnosis!! I hope the doctor will have some answers for you!