Monday, July 28, 2008

Scrap Therapy

I have had a bugger of a headache all day. I'm not sure if it's a result of the Studio Calico reveal night last night or not.
Amazingly it lifted when the mail lady arrived.
We have rural delivery, so I always get a shipping notice in the mail when I have a package to pick up in town. Today she came to the door. With packages.
Work in Progress August main kit,
Red Velvet July main and project kits,
and an order from Scraphoria. For whatever reason, one of my kits got hit with a customs charge this time. Just one. Can't quite figure the customs man out. However, it meant that I didn't have to come up with a bogus excuse to drive in to pick them up. Because you know that it will drive me loopy if I know I have scrappy goodness waiting for me at the post office.
The only negative is that my husband answered the door. I mean, when have I ever had THREE scrappy packages arrive in one day? I can usually grab the shipping notice and pick up my package unbeknownst to him. Because I firmly believe that it's better for him if he doesn't know how many fun packages come my way. His comment was that I must be ordering too much if they caught them at the border. eek.
Back to my packages. They were perfect. Work in Progress all SEI shining and beautiful goodness. Some of the papers are foiled and just gorgeous. You can't even tell from the photo. And FYI, Jamie Waters is the Guest DT at WIP this month! Can't wait to see the new gallery with the new DT members! Red Velvet was funky Love, Elsie and vintage bits and pieces. And my small order from Scraphoria was vinyl Thickers in Grapefruit and another item which must remain a mystery as I "needed" it to finish my DT stuff for this month.
As I sat going through all of my new lovelies, my headache vanished. I can't imagine that an injection of high grade herion could feel any better. Seriously.
Of course, the headache is back in a big way. So once I deposit the children in their respective beds, I'm grabbin' me an ice cream bar covered in chocolate and almonds, and heading up to scrappy heaven to de-stress.
Early morning tomorrow. We ship pigs at 7am. Ungodly hour to be up and about. I don't sleep in past 7am hardly ever, but when you HAVE to be up, it seems so early.
Have a good one.


Rita said...

Wow! Love all that scrappy goodness! I'm jealous :) DH always does a little double-take when he sees how much scrappy stuff I get in the mail.

Kristii said...

You must be in scrappy heaven now girl!!! Wow, I can't wait to see what you create!!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

some great stuff there! all that paper would certainly make my headache disappear too!

Colleen said...

i keep forgetting about that red velvet kit. i so so so want one. i'm going to see if they have them. hopefully they aren't sold out