Thursday, July 31, 2008

Utterly Random

I woke up with a sore ear. I don't usually sleep with earrings in but I was too lazy to get up and put them somewhere they wouldn't get lost. Now my ear is infected. I only wear little diamond studs because anything else irritates my holes. I think it's from all those crazy big earrings in the 80's. My ears just said ... "ENOUGH!"
Things are a bit more calm here today than they were yesterday. Thunderstorm first thing yesterday with lots of loud, crackin' thunder and lightening. B was worried about the rabbits and wanted me to bring them in. When I went to get them, there was only one there. Ruh roh! One had gotten out under the fence and I spent more time than I should have looking for it. B was some upset with me. I had to get going to my mammogram (squishy squishy!) and when I came home, it was sitting in the flower bed. So now they're in the house because B is still upset. They're in cages, mind you. The litter training never really came to much so we let them out in a few rooms in the back for a little bit to run around and then it's back in the cages. We'll have to come up with a better solution outside. I don't know whether we have to dig the fence into the ground or what.
Anyone else a So You Think You Can Dance fan? I am so loving this season. I love the last six dancers and sort of wish they would stop here so that they all win. All of the routines were so amazing last night. I actually record them so I can watch them over again.
We're taking P to a speech assessment today. He's almost 2 and a half and still is not speaking English. Just his own little gibberish. Unfortunately, I can make it out most of the time, so he really has no reason to talk normal. I'm hoping someone else can come up with a way to get him going.
Have to take some pictures of my Scraphoria projects yet today as the gallery will be up tomorrow. I still have stuff left and am trying to figure out how to use it all up! That's the sign of a fun kit ... when I'm keeping little tiny scraps because I can't bear to throw them out!
Wish up luck at the speech therapist!

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vtpuggirl said...

Good luck at the speech therapist! You posts make me laugh, I hope that's a good thing!