Friday, August 1, 2008

August kit at Scraphoria!

Whatta night. The wee demon was up for about 3 hours. Wide awake. And loud. Finally took him downstairs for a drink and let him play. Back in bed sometime after 4am. When I woke up this morning, I figured I had about 1/2 hour until I had to get moving. The next thing I knew it was 9:20! Craziness! I don't know how I slept with 3 boys roaring around. Threw some clothes at them, fed the cat and the bunnies, grabbed a Kashi bar and a Coke and ran (OK ... walked fast) out to the barn. My husband (who had heard NOTHING through the night) did not appear overly impressed. It just seems when your day starts out that way, you feel like you're running behind all day. The important thing is that I really don't care. The booze helps. I'm kidding. Sort of.

Our visit with the speech therapist went much as expected yesterday. She understood less than nothing of what he said and suggested a group setting with several other kids of the same age. She said that one on one would not likely work with him. It's a 8-10 week deal that begins in September. I'm really anxious to see how it goes.

In happier news, the Scraphoria August Kit went up today!

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!
Here are the stuffs I've got done so far. A couple more things are partially done, but I seems to fiddle relentlessly with these layouts and they took forever. I'm finally happy with them though so it's all worth it.
The first one is of our friends' little girl at the beach. I loved using all sorts of girly type things.

And my pretty kitty. Every kitty deserves a tiara made from a floral rub-on with rhinestones. Dontcha think?

Fuzzy cards made using the Flocked Doodlebug cardstock. I seemed to go a bit overboard with the adhesive foam this month. I have almost none left. I must re-stock ASAP.

Hambly love .... no need to elaborate.


ahardy said...

i love your "gift" Hambly card ... so COOL how you cut around the transparency!

laverneboese said...

Wow, how fabulous! Yeah, I have to admit, I love that Hambly card as well...gonna have to copy that, giving you full credit of course!!!!

Colleen said...