Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love getting happy scrappy mail. I received my package of Purple Onion stamps today. Now I just need to come up with some fabulous projects to showcase them for the final DT round.
I played a little bit this afternoon, but my "me" time was sort of limited today.
I had to take the little guy with us to the barn this morning. It doesn't happen very often, but when he goes, he usually enjoys himself. Today he started whining and carrying on so I was just trying to get everything finished up quickly so I could get him in the house. I came back into the feed room to see why he had gotten so quiet and he was squatted on the floor with his head on his little stool ... sleepin'. I wish I'd had my camera. He woke up with a sniffly nose this morning, so I suspect he'll be getting a cold.
I decided that while he was sleeping, I would wash down the back porch. I never really get into Spring cleaning all that much ... I seem to want to do it this time of year. But the hose was leaking right at the nozzle and by the time I was done, I was completely soaked. I probably would have done a better job if I wasn't getting drenched in cold water but at least it's better than it was this morning.
Back in the barn again this afternoon because Dave was combining white beans.
Then the two older boys to karate.
And even though I'm tired beyond tired, I hate to go to bed because I have such little time to relax these days. I love when the house is quiet and I know that no one is going to be asking me to do something for them. But I better get moving along. Another busy day tomorrow.


Colleen said...

good luck!! i love michele's stamps

Danielle said...

Have fun with your new stamps :D

Nicole said...

congrats!!! I am rooting for you :)