Saturday, September 13, 2008


Another week gone by and not a whole lot done.
Just basic barn and housework but my back feels like I've been cutting wood or something equally strenuous.

Yesterday I took down the crib. I've had it still set up in Paul & Will's room sort of as a warning to Paul ... if he's not good, he goes in the crib. Well, he can crawl out of it now so it doesn't really serve a purpose anymore. He's the first one to escape from it. The other boys never really tried and they were both in a "big" bed before they were two. But I'm a little sad now ... the chances that I'll ever use that crib are almost nil. It's not that I want more babies, it just seems so final to have the crib taken apart and leaning in pieces up against the wall. Sigh.
It was a good excuse to do some heavy cleaning and reorganizing upstairs. Now that the crib is away, I moved the little loveseat that was in my scrapbook room to the boys' room. I liked having it in my room, but it was such a space hog. I had bought a old school desk at an antique store a few weeks ago and wanted a space for it. I also want some more shelving or something for the room and there just wasn't a spare inch for anything.

I spent about an hour finishing up my Molly Mini last night. Bob has Show and Tell on Monday and wanted to take some pictures of Molly so I may just let him take the mini. It may get wrecked in the hands of a buncha second graders, but what's the point of making things if no one ever sees them.

Bob had a big day at school yesterday. Apparently, a driver was passing cars crazily and almost hit a couple of young students getting off the bus. He was passing on the right side (almost in the ditch), and stopped just in time. Bob said that the bus driver charged the man. I didn't realize that bus drivers had that authority, but my husband says that they do. Add that to the huge list of things I didn't know.
And there was a fight at the school. Such a thing is virtually unheard of out here in the boonies. Bob said that a new student in grade 5 was beating up a 3rd grade student. I just felt sick when he was telling me this. Too close for comfort. The teachers and Peacemakers (older students trained to help the younger students with confict resolution) were quick to break it up, but Bob says that the little guy had his two front teeth kicked out. The police were called and Bob said that the student is suspended. I'm sure we'll get a letter home about it. My problem is that, yes I feel bad for the younger student, but what sort of environment has the bully come from? For him to have managed to do so much damage in such a short amount of time seems to show a lot of pent up rage. I hope the authorities spend as much time trying to help the boy as they will punishing him.

And why am I on here so early? Paul fell asleep at 6pm last night. So guess what time he was up? 5ish. I'm not completely sure. I woke up with him in our bed whackin' me in the noggin'. I'm not sure how long he was up, because he usually isn't up and about ... he just hollers for us. Fairly productive morning though.
Bunny cages cleaned out and kitchen straightened up.
I must get groceries today. The toilet paper supply is non-existant at this point.
There's also an auction sale that I'd like to go to. I just hate taking the kids to something like that though. I spend more time making sure they're not wrecking stuff or running away than I do looking at the "goods"

Have a good weekend!

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