Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Sunday

We usually just relax on Sundays. Dave has his weekly afternoon nap and I scrap. The kids are here and there and usually the nap is interupted and someone ends up playing with scissors and glue with me.

But today I needed groceries. And a new fridge. Our's is freezing everything in the fridge part and the freezer looks like a glacier cave even after it's cleaned the day before. There was a sale going on, so we ended up with a pretty good deal. We needed a new microwave too. If we use ours for any length of time, it'll just quit. Power off. Tired. Another good deal. But it screwed up my Sunday.

Also forgot to take a decent picture of my layout for Creative Therapy this week while the sun was out. Hence the awful photos you will see below. Sorry! Finally had the chance to dig into my Red Velvet kit that I bought some months ago. These papers are so fun!

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