Saturday, December 13, 2008

If you have a little extra Christmas cheer ...

... send it my way.
I'm just not into it this year.
I am so far behind on everything and no real desire to do anything.
I finally started a bit of decorating today.
Still no tree. I hope to get out to buy one tomorrow.
No cards done. I did up this little composite last night to include in my cards this year. Obviously, no Christmas photo taken. But at least the photos are somewhat recent.
The digi elements are one of the freebies from Two Peas in a Bucket. I love the woodgrain paper. Will be using it again for sure.

I have presents almost finished up for the little guys but need to think about my mom and in-laws a bit more. My plan was to do calendars for my mom and MIL ... but I'm running out of time. Other than that, we don't do a whole lot of gifts. My neices and nephew are older and I usually just get them gift cards. With all of the stores that may be closing in the near future, I'm thinking cash may be the better way to go. The bus driver gets a Timmy's card (no danger of that company going out of business!) and some nummies. And although the teachers at our school ask that we donate to local charities rather than give them gifts, I always send in an ornament with $20. They can donate it if they choose or use it toward something for their class. I have friends who are teachers and know that they usually end up dipping into their own funds for classroom supplies before the end of the year.
I just feel like such a Scrooge this year. I didn't even make it to my kids' Christmas concert the other night because I was so behind in getting ready for the accountant this year. And I doubt we'll make it to a family Christmas this Sunday because I'd rather spend the time getting caught up with other things than use basically the whole day at an event. The kids have been dying to do some Christmas baking ... and so have I. I've never made gingerbread before and am not a huge fan. But Bob loves it so I totally cheated and bought a pack of Pillsbury dough. As long as he gets to roll it out, use cookie cutters and decorate them, I'm sure he'll be happy. I also hope to get out my cookie press for shortbread. I haven't made shortbread in the past few years. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. Shortbread IS Christmas to me.
In totally unrelated news, I've been told that there is a new scrapbook store opened near here. Yay! It's been an online store for awhile, but the Grand Opening of their store front is tomorrow. I'm hoping that my MIL will keep the kids so that I can get a bunch of stuff done ... hit Canadian Tire for a partial refund on a gift we just bought last week and is now $35 off ... find the perfect tree ... groceries ... some more Christmas shopping ... and scrappy shopping! She has the new Distress Stickles I have been craving. And loads of Dew Drops. Yum.
Last but not least, my Rebel arrived yesterday! I'm totally lost with all the different settings, but I plan on spending some time everyday reading through the manual and browsing the net for tutorials. Feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorite links and tips.