Monday, March 30, 2009

Paint paint paint

We've got snow on the ground this morning. And yesterday, I was just looking at the grass, thinking about how much it had greened up over the last few days ... planning to get some spring photos of the boys soon. I'm sure it will be gone in a flash, but it really reminds you of how fickle March is.
Last summer, a friend gave the boys 4 ducks, 2 little roosters and 2 hens. They've been in their little coop all winter and we've had the occasional little egg from the hens. This weekend, we opened up the door and let them get used to roaming around. So funny to watch them wander around in their little groups. Evidently, the ducks keep to themselves. A little stuck up maybe. We're down to 3 ducks though due to a casualty during the winter. Right now, we're trying to get them used to the dogs. Molly is still trying to "play" with them and we're waiting for the roosters to go at her.
I started on the bathroom and back room last Monday and still have at least a few more days to finish them up. I hate painting trim. So fiddly. But I absolutely love how it's turning out. So bright and fresh. The wallpaper won't be in until next week, so I'm hoping that I'll have everything done and maybe already be started on the laundry room (which will have the same wallpaper). Today I'm painting trim (again) and the door. Hopefully get the new door handle installed. Light fixture back up. And if nothing major gets in my way, the rest of the stuff back where it belongs, curtains washed and hung. Then all that will be left, aside from the wallpaper, will be the french doors. They need to be primed and painted and have a gazillion little windows. Fiddly, fiddly.
Not too much scrappy going on around here. I did slip up for about an hour after supper last night to start on another Inspired Blueprints sketch. Tomorrow at midnight is the deadline so I'm hoping to finish it up tonight.
I just got the new Sassafras lines but haven't had the time (or energy) to play with them. They are soooo fun! Love Sassafras.
I also need to get my stuff ready for the Customer Garage Sale at Scrapbook Memories this weekend. I don't have a huge amount to sell, but it's just nice to go through and purge those things that I know I won't be using. I haven't taken part in a sale since two years ago. I generally give my extras to my sister-in-law or the kids, but there's enough that it's worth packing it up for the sale this time.
My DT kit for Back Porch Memories is on the way. I don't really expect it until next week, but I'm starting to plan things out. Very different colours for me, but I usually end up with projects I really love when someone else has chosen my supplies for me.
Off to paint!

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