Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Fling Crop

Wanted to remind everyone to mark their calendars for April 17-19 ... Spring Fling Crop at Back Porch Memories. I'm Guest DT there this month and the girls have scads of challenges and games planned. I've been working on a few myself and it promises to be a good time! Hope you'll stop by!
I keep forgetting to post this thing. It's a layout based on an Inspired Blueprints sketch. Pretty basic, but it was one of those that looked silly whenever I tried to add anything else.

I guess I've got Spring Fever. I bought a buncha paint and ordered wallpaper on Friday. Tomorrow morning I'm getting into it here. Bathroom, laundry room, small room in between, back entryway ... all getting a little TLC. I'm hoping to get the painting done this week and be ready when the wallpaper comes in next week. I'd like to get the kitchen and playroom painted too as they're the next in line, but I may run out of steam. I can fly along when I'm just doing walls, but the laundry room is going to be a bit of an ordeal ... very old wallpaper to come off, cracked plaster to repair, old cupboards to paint. Cupboards seem to take me forever. Hoping the kids cooperate and let Mama paint!
I used to just love painting. I get right into it and don't like to stop when I'm on a roll. But with a 3-year-old, there are a lot of starts and stops. Disrupts my groove. Maybe he'll want to visit Oma!
Wish me luck. I may be in a bit of a foul mood over the next few days if things don't move along quickly enough :) I'm hoping to have a good chunk of it (if not all of it!) done by the 17th so I can play during the Spring Fling too!
Have a good week all. Hope I'm still in a decent mood when next we speak ;)

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