Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another good one

ANOTHER solid night sleep. ANOTHER bright, sunny morning.
I could get used to this!
I'm just getting some coffee into me and checking out my favorite spots on the 'net before showering and starting the day.
I'm going to take the kids to the local egg hunt this morning at 10am. It's at a park next to their school and I think Paul will "get" it this year (at three). Perfect weather for it and you know I'm going to get some photos!
Then we have a birthday party at noon at Burger King. My cousin's boy is a year between Bob and Will and they love him (see Little Buddy layout from a few days ago). She also has a girl a year younger than Paul and he loves looking after "Baby". When I was growing up, Jodi (my cousin) was a year older than me and her younger brother was a year older than my younger brother. We lived bike-riding distance away from each other and spent so much time together. We always went to each other's birthday parties and I have all sorts of photos from those times. I consider Jodi probably my closest friend still and it's so cool to have the kids growing up together too.
Sorry. Getting a little nostalgic.
Anyway, managed to get another layout done yesterday with the Back Porch Memories kit. The photo is actually from the last time we were together with Jodi's kids. Just Will, being Will.

Better shake a tail feather and find those Easter Baskets from last year. They're around here somewhere!
Have a great day!

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