Friday, April 10, 2009

Not a bad day at all

Had the most solid night of sleep I can remember having in ages. Slept in a tiny bit (if you count staying in bed and periodically yelling at kids and getting licked to death by a dog). The sun is shining. It's fairly warmish for the kids to be out. The husband and the oldest boy have gone to a sale. I've made my muffins. Did a load of laundry. Actually had a shower. Getting ready to make cookies.
And I finished my first layout with the Back Porch Memories April Solo kit. I just picked it up at the post office on Wednesday, so I'm really behind the rest of the gals. But it feels good to have at least one thing uploaded. haha. This layout is based on the sketch that goes out with the monthly newsletter. The photo is one of the many I've yet to scrap from our niece's wedding last summer. Will and one of the flower girls just exploring while everyone else was getting photos done. It never fails to amaze me how kids that have just met can hang out like they've known each other forever. Will wasn't quite as friendly later in the evening when the girls were bugging him to dance with them. Not a dancer, my Will. Must get it from his Dad.

Left on the agenda for today
... make cookies
... get out some Easter decorations and make a few cards
... figure out supper
... bath filthy children
... vacuum floor (I can tell spring has arrived by the amount of hair the dog is shedding)
... hit the BPM kit with a vengeance!

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Lee said...

I remember when we had the first one, I asked one of my more veteran parenting friends when I could expect a good night's sleep. (this was in the early months - still during night feeding) When he responded with "maybe in about 3 or 4 years" I almost jumped through the phone and punched him in the face. (c'mon, don't play like you don't know what 4 months of no sleep does to your patience and irritability) But it turns out he's been pretty close to right. Congratulations on making your milestone. Oh, my day will come.