Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring ....

... you know the rest.

It just won't stop. A little worrisome this time of year when you'd like to get your crops planted. And it makes for very muddy dogs and children. The little guy tries to sneak out to his sandbox. He's completely oblivious to the weather. It's all about the sand.
The ducks like it though. You heard me. Ducks. We've got ducks wandering around. Ducks in a row ... if you will.
Chickens and roosters too, but they stay closer to the coop. The ducks, however, like to explore. And they're teaching each other to fly. Dave very nearly was dive bombed yesterday.

Nothing too exciting happening around these parts this week.

Picked up the trailer on Sunday.
Cute little thing. I sure hope the weather is nice when we decide to use it because it's a little too close inside with the boys bouncing off of each other.

Will is now driving the little 4-wheeler.
He gave it a go last year but after driving into a wheelbarrow (because he was busy watching a plane in the sky) he wanted nothing to do with it. This year, he drove around and around and around and around. But I know he'll eventually run into something again. That's just Will.
The boys had another belt test last night and are now Advanced Yellow Belts. So funny watching them. Willy sort of bounces when he does his thing. I'm not sure bouncing is what they're really going for, but it's so dang cute.
And of course, Bob spilled orange juice all over his pants about 3 minutes before we left so he had to show up in track pants. So typical.
Oh ... and we had a skunk last night. Dave had to run out to the barn after we came home from karate and it was sitting outside the door when he opened it. Thank god the dogs weren't out. Or the kids. It was still daylight, so it had rabies or something because it didn't even move. The whooooole house stunk last night after he "took care of it". I had candles going everywhere. I can still smell it.
My mom's question today was, "are there more?" I hadn't even thought of that. Good lord.
Wishing you all a skunk-free Spring.

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Greta Adams said...

goodness gracious...a freaking skunk...EEEKKKKK!!!!
hope your house is skunk free smelling by now...