Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not bad at all

It turns out that the wee hole in the side of my tooth is just the beginning of a pit and nothing that he was too concerned about. I just need to give it a little extra TLC and keep and eye on it. If it starts to hurt, obviously I need to go back. But he said that because I wasn't cavity prone and my teeth are super clean, he didn't recommend doing anything at this point. Woo hoo!
To celebrate, I went to the hairdresser to see if, by some crazy stroke of luck, she'd had a cancellation. She had! I could get in at 11am. So I came home, got Will & Paul cleaned up and headed back into town. They were soooo good while I was there. They sat for almost 2 hours and amused themselves with colouring and books and snacks. I wasn't surprised at Will, but Paul is much less patient.
At 1pm, Paul had an appointment with a speech therapist. He'd gone for one session last fall and needed to be re-evaluated. We start another session in a few weeks and she really recommends nursery school for him next year. Now I just have to find one that I like. The other boys never went so I don't really have any experience with it.
Friday was a day off for the kids, so in the afternoon, I took the two oldest boys in to town. We've decided to give them allowances and they needed to open up their own bank accounts to keep a portion of it in. These kids have no concept of what things cost and are always asking for this and that. So hopefully they will learn to save and realize that they only have so much money to spend on "luxury" items. They both ended up buying a Webkins but I think they appreciate them more now that they used their own money and paid for them on their own.
After supper, we went to look at a tent trailer. It is a 2004 but is in wonderful condition. Some of the things have never been used and has white cabinets which really open it up. We ended up putting a deposit on it but still have to go back to pick it up. The kids are pretty excited. We're going camping with friends in July so we either had to get something or arrange to rent a trailer for that week.
These are a few more little projects made with the Back Porch Memories April Solo kit. I had also ordered the new Fiskars punches from BPM and can't stop using them! The little shadow box uses a Tim Holtz stamp I bought not too long ago.

This trim is from the Solo add-on kit. I've never bought WRMK trims before but they are so gorgeous!

Another one with WRMK trim and a Pink Paislee rub-on (also from the Solo add-on). The trim actually has those little flowers embroidered on it. I added a little drop of black Stickles into the middle just to tie in the black from the rest of the card.

We just had a rain storm but I think it's over for the night. At least the dog isn't attached to me anymore. She's a big baby but a fabulous weather indicator ;D


Colleen said...

so let's see this new do mama

Jana Eubank said...

Cute, cute cards! I LOVED working with that line! My kids are learning about money right now, too! It's nice to see the light start to turn on, huh? Hee hee! :)