Monday, April 6, 2009

Moving slow ....

... this morning. I've caught the boys' cold. Last night it settled into my head and my throat was itchy. Crap. Between that, and the change in the weather, I have a pounding head today.
And speaking of weather, it's supposed to snow today. Whuut? I hate this switching back and forth business. Either get nice or stay crappy.
I need to go into London today to pick up my box from the customer garage sale at Scrapbook Memories so I called my mom yesterday to see if she wanted to go along. Which means, we'll be going to Costco and out for lunch. Likely a few other stops too. It'll depend on the boys and how much they can take. Will used to be the best little shopper, but as he's gotten older, he's not really into it. Paul has never ever been good at going to stores. I have to make sure I have lots of food and just keep him busy eating to keep him satisfies. Although, he does like Costco because of the sample ladies. Go figure.
I'm hoping that most of my stuff sold at the garage sale. I just hate hauling a bunch back after I've sorted it out. No room for it 'cause I've got new stuff here and on the way. New stuff? you ask? I finally ripped into the new Sassafras yesterday. It's pretty gloomy here this morning, so no photos, but I am in total love. I made a card with the Jungle Bungle line and a layout with the Anthem line. The colours are so bright that you just can't help being in a great mood while playing with them.
My Back Porch Memories kit should be here any day now. I can't wait to dig into it. I'm going to be working with the Solo kit, but I also ordered some of the add-ons afterwards so I'll have two fun mail days out of it.

I haven't ordered very much over the winter. But I just had to get the add-on kit from Work in Progress. It should be arriving any day now too. One thing about ordering from the US ... it's like a huge surprise when a package arrives because you never know what day it'll come. Haha.
If you've never ordered a kit from Trish before, you really should. Her kits are always filled to the brim with paper and just enough embellishments. I tend to use a lot of paper in my layouts and seem to have oodles of embellishments left over when I get other kits, so I love when I'm able to completely use up a kit.
Hopefully my wallpaper will be in today too. I'd love to get this bathroom finished off and get started on the laundry room. At the speed I'm moving, I'm going to be looking at months before I'm done all I want to get done. I'm calling it Extreme Spring Clean ... painting, reorganizing, adding in some new things. I can't wait until it's all done and I can enjoy my hard work.
Anywho, better get moving or I'll never get away today. Hope we don't get a snow storm! Just kidding. Sort of. My mother in law called this morning to tell me it's going to snow. I knew that, but I didn't think it would be bad enough to keep my house-bound. Maybe I better call her back to check. I kind of cut her off because I was getting Bob on the bus. Oops.
Later dudes.

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