Friday, June 5, 2009

Someone stop me!

I bought this ice cream yesterday and I CAN'T STOP EATING IT! It is sin in a tub. I keep going to the freezer with a spoon. So I've moved it downstairs to the deep freeze and piled a bunch of stuff on it. I'm pretty lazy so I figured if there's more work involved in getting at it, I may stay away. I know. I'm kidding myself.
Anywho ... what have you all got planned for the weekend? We have a wedding to make an appearance at tomorrow night. The thought of getting all spiffed up and going out is downright exhausting. Blech. Still have to go through that closet and find something presentable.
Other than that, I'm planning on keeping it low key for the rest of the weekend. If I'm a little energetic tomorrow morning, I may try to go out and see if there are any decent yard sales around. Do a little scrappy scrap on Sunday and we'll call it good.
Speaking of scrappy scrap ... here's another layout from the Noel Mignon Penny Arcade kit. So yummy.
And what I REALLY need to do is revamp that dang blog header. I'm sick of looking at the snow. That will be my goal for the weekend :D


:: gingerkitty :: said...

That frozen dessert looks so yummy!

Tara Powell said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm loving it! (although now I am craving something with chocolate and peanut butter...)

Colleen said...

the only thing to do to make it truly go away is to just eat it all. that's what I do