Monday, June 8, 2009

The Circle of Life

This year, Bob is right into keeping the lawn cut. It's the first year that he's been able to use the riding lawn mower, so it's more of a game right now but at least I haven't had to cut grass yet this year ;)
Friday night after school, he hopped on the mower and got to it. He came running in with a baby bird that he found laying on the lawn. It was a little kill deer (sp?) and had a little blood on it's leg. We put it in a box with some old soft pj bottoms and a bowl of water. He even got a worm and tried feeding it squished up pieces. Wasn't working at all. Eventually, it started walking around and peeping so I told Bob to take it back out to where he found it. He came back in saying that it just walked in circles. I said that he had to leave it so it could find it's mother. I knew that there wasn't much hope of it surviving, but I also knew that I didn't want him waking up the next day to find a dead bird in a box. He came back in wailing that Fluffy had gotten the bird. Apparently, the cat was hiding in the wheat field and couldn't resist such a tasty snack.
At least the cat was happy!
In other news, I didn't get much accomplished around here on the weekend. I've been sooo tired lately. I've fallen asleep putting Paul to bed the last two nights and am still exhausted. I had really bad chest pains on Friday night and still had them Saturday morning. I tried to go about my business and went to some yard sales but by Saturday afternoon, I was starting to worry and ended up going to the emergency room. They think I may have an ulcer and prescribed some meds. It was just a matter of time. It's still bugging me a bit, but at least I'm not thinking that I'm having a bloody heart attack any more.
I scored lots of clothes for the boys at the yard sales. I always like to have a few coats and extra snow pants for them to wear around the farm but hate to pay full price when I know the beating they're going to take. At one sale, I picked up 3 coats and 2 snow pants for 50 cents each. I was a happy lady. And a local scrapbook store was having a customer garage sale. I hadn't planned on going but I'm glad I did. I haven't been able to find and Lily Bee papers around here, but scored a few for cheap. I basically bought out of one girl's box and I have a feeling that I know whose it was. I only wish I'd gotten there earlier because I'm guessing I would have bought a lot more from her. Shoot.
All I managed to get done yesterday was this layout. Played with lots of distress inks and alcohol inks. Fun fun fun.

Does anyone else love Coredinations cardstock as much as I do? I forget what this line is called but it came in a pack. Something "vintage" I think. I got a heck of a deal on them because the store was going out of business but I grab for them all the time.
Hoping to finish up my layout for Layout Tag at Noel Mignon. So much fun. And this round, we've divided into teams and are "racing" to see who finishes first. I don't want to be the one who holds up the works so I better not fall asleep at 8:30 again tonight. So sad.


Tara Powell said...

I LOVE that layout! What a cute title. I too am a Coredinations addict, it is so versatile and fun.

Ki said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for taking part in the BASB challenge!

Mye said...

Just wanted to let you know you won the BASB challenge!!! Congrats Send me your addy to collect your goodies!!

christine said...

I just got done scrolling through almost the past year of your blog and I love your work!! I was wondering if you could tell me what your most favorite monthly club is. I am pretty sure what your answer is going to be but I thought I would ask anyway.

Tara said...

Right now, I've been buying Noel Mignon almost exclusively. Her kits are PACKED!
I used to buy from Studio Calico, but like the larger size kits that Noel puts together.
I've never bought from Kenner Road, but I am always one click away from buying one of her kits.
If only I could find a money tree!

Susan Longman said...

Just popping by to check out your work...thanks for applying for the team :)

erin said...

hi there!
what gorgeous work you do:)
yes, i just discovered core'dinations cardstock. we got to play with some for some assignments, and i just love it!