Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is that the sun?

No. Not the sun. Thought it was. Oh wait ... I think it's peeking out! For about 20 seconds. We're finally getting the Fall weather that we've been avoiding the past few weeks. Cool, rainy, windy. Time to think about getting the furnace going.
The hardest part about this time of year is trying to get the kids to dress warmer. Bob thinks he should still be able to run around in short sleeves without any coat. Brrrr.
I've got about 6 layouts to share, but haven't taken any photos. Lazy, lazy.
I did manage to snap a quick photo of a door knob hanger I made on the weekend for a friend of Bob's. He said that she liked monkeys so I started to make her birthday card and decided to turn it into something she could hang up instead. I used a piece of 7 Gypsies chipboard for the base and lots of Sassafras Jungle Bungle.

The days go so quickly once the kids are back in school. I seem to end up running somewhere every day but today I refuse to leave the house. I need to get caught up around here. Clean out the refridgerators, catch up on laundry, make a decent meal and do some baking for lunches.
So that's what's up here today. I also may sneak in a card. Dave's aunt just got remarried on the weekend and I need to send out a card. Why do I have 2 dozen cards already made and none of them ever seem to fit the occasion I need a card for? Maddening. But a good excuse to play for a little bit today :)

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