Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

I'm not entirely sure where the week went, but here we are at the weekend again.
Well ... I know where part of the week went.
Our niece and her husband celebrated the birth of their first son on Wednesday night. I couldn't wait to get in to see him yesterday.
Such a little sweetie. Smells soooo good. I wish I could bottle that smell up and give it a sniff when I'm feeling low. So far, so good as far as sleeping and eating. I hope it continues.

If you're interested in the Poloroid treatment I used on my photos, head on over to Rollip. I'd love to have a real Poloroid and have seen them for cheap in the antique store I frequent, but until someone starts making the film again, they're not much use to me. This will do for now.
I only found them this morning via a post at Shutter Sisters (another great site if you're looking for inspiration).
Something else that I stumbled across just lately (at Kijiji if you can believe it) is Naptime Scrapper. Living in Canada, it seems that you have the option of buying your supplies locally and paying higher prices, or ordering from the U.S. and paying exchange and shipping. I just received my first order from Naptime Scrapper and am so pleased. Not only are her prices 2/3 of what my LSS charges, but she has a deal on shipping right now so it cost me only $5. And my package arrived in 3 days ... much faster than an order from across the border. She also included a little thank you gift that completely made my day :)
Don't get me wrong ... I still love my kit clubs and won't be giving them up entirely. Noel especially puts together beautiful and unique kits. But I'll definately be ordering from Naptime Scrapper again.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. The sun is shining here right now. I think we may get some rain over the next few days but today is looking great. Now just to decide what needs to get done here. A little laundry, a bit of cleaning and a lot of scrapping would be great ;) I've got all kinds of new Sassafras Monstrosity that I'm just itching to play with!


Tara Powell said...

what a sweet little bundle
I agree, new baby smell has got to be the best scent on Earth.
Have a great weekend!

Greta Adams said...

oh man...i just love the smell of new babies too....and girl i need to take some time to play with my PSE and lightroom.....
ahh where does the time go???