Thursday, November 5, 2009

I want pie

I just spent my morning surrounded by pies. And cheesecakes. And I want some.
The playschool that Paul goes to is a co-oerative playschool. Which means we all take turns being Duty Parent, doing fundraising and occasionally working catering events to raise money. Today was the first one that's come up this year and I had the first "shift" which was making the desserts.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Chocolate cream pies, lemon merangue pies, cherry pies, apple pies, coconut cream pies. There really is nothing like the smell of pies baking. Nothing.
And then the cheesecakes. Cherry, blueberry and chocolate. I can admit that I licked a few spatulas before washing them off.
So I'm craving pie now. But if I make a pie, I'll eat the whole thing so I'm going to try to forget about pie.
It's bad enough that my fridge is full of california rolls. I haven't had any for so long and I stumbled across a recipe. They're not that hard to make. But I didn't realize how many the recipe would make. I should have probably halved the recipe because I'm likely the only one who is going to eat the. But they're pretty nummy. I had them for breakfast. Before I went to make pies. Crap. I was trying to forget about the pies.
Oh well. Hmmm. Should I make cherry or lemon merangue?

One of my favorite lines from this past year is the Collage Press Knave of Hearts line. There was a bit in two of Noel Mignon's kits from the spring and I think I used up almost every little bit.
The following layout is using a Studio Calico kit. I love the Making Memories bamboo letters and have been hoarding them. Yum.

The kids have the day off school tomorrow for a PD day. They're looking forward to spending the day at home and are going to be ticked at me when they find out I said we'd go with my mom to pick out new glasses for her. Ooops! They'll get over it. Hopefully ;)

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