Monday, November 2, 2009


Hurt my foot. I'm such a stunkle klutz. Last night, I was standing on Paul's bed to give Will a hug and a kiss (he's in the upper bunk). When I stepped down, I stepped on my shoes and my foot did something funny. I think I somehow folded my toes underneath my foot and twisted. Who knows. But it hurts like a begger. A little swollen and a touch bruised. I'm glad I don't have to go out today because I think putting on a shoe might not work too well. Hope it's better tomorrow because I'm the Duty Parent at playschool. I'm sure I'll survive. Y'all can save your Get Well cards for someone who has an actual injury :)
I'm still posting layouts I did a few weeks ago. I started this one for a Noel Mignon challenge but just couldn't get it working. I find I'm having more and more of these just lately. Start something and then get stuck. I actually pulled about a half of this one apart after getting it done and re-doing it. There's still something about it that's bugging me, but I've spent enough time on it.

The little alphabet stamps are actually ones I found at the dollar store for $1. I love the font but keep forgetting that I have them so this is the first time I've actually used them. I've left them out on my desk now so that I don't forget about them again.

I used Ranger Rock Candy Crackle Paint on the little teapot clock and then covered it with Distress Ink in Fired Brick to accent the cracks.
Just saw this over at Kristina Werner's blog this morning. She's doing a Holiday Card series, posting a new video every day (Monday to Friday) for 5 weeks. Quite an undertaking. I think I'm going to try to do them every day as she posts them. I figure if I do one a day and don't have to think about how to do them, I'll have a pile of cards ready for when I want to send them out. I'm absolutely awful for getting out Christmas cards. I usually refer to them as Holiday cards because they're usually not out before Christmas. I'm happy if they reach people before New Year's. And I get about 10 done before I resort to store-bought.
Anyway, that's my plan. Anyone want to play along?

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Tara Powell said...

ok, this layout is SUPER cute!
I can't tell you how many times I have caught my kids red handed
(especially right now, a few days after Halloween!)
Hope your foot feels better soon
I am a huge klutz and this so sounds like something I would do!