Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Christmas is coming! And fast!
I'm finally making some headway with my preparations. The accountant came last Thursday, so once all my year end business was out of the way, I could concentrate on Christmas.
Did a bit of shopping on Friday afternoon.
Decorated a parade float Friday night.
Took the kids and rode on the float with them Saturday morning. Froze my tuckus off during the durn parade. I had long johns, sweat pants and snow pants on but still was chilled to the bone. The kids kept saying they were hot. I just don't get it.
I'd bribed them to be good by saying we'd go to Burger King for lunch after the parade like any exhausted mom. They played in the Playland while I read my library book. Good deal.
I decided to experiment a bit with candy on Sunday ... red licorice covered in white chocolate and candy sprinkles ... pretzels covered with milk chocolate and peppermint bits ... marshmallows on sticks dipped in chocolate and peppermint bits for swirling in hot chocolate. I wish I could say that there's some left but I'd be telling a big fat lie.
Dave took the boys to pick out a tree and then I wrestled with it for a few hours before dinner. I don't think I've ever had such problems getting a tree to stand straight. It's still crooked. And mocking me. Can Christmas trees be possessed? Anyway, it's up now and, aside from a little tippy, is lovely.
Did a little more shopping yesterday. A little more decorating. A little baking tonight.
We've got the playschool Christmas potluck tomorrow morning, which I'm a little excited for.
And I finally managed to get a photo of the boys to send out with my cards. This is the best of the bunch. Paul either has his eyes shut or looks evil so we had to settle for the crazy smile. And yes ... I made them wear matching sweaters. I only do it every few years so they should consider themselves lucky. I even sent some cards out today! Shocking. Mine usually go out after Christmas so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Hope to get some more done tomorrow night.
Oh! In other news, we now have a kitty in the house (as you may have noticed from the above photo). Her name is Zoe and is pretty and sweet but likes to jump in the tree. Which my be contributing to the slant. And she has a touch of gas. I was singing Smelly Cat tonight.
OK. Enough blathering. Just wanted to check in so that people don't think I've crashed under the stress of the holidays. That won't happen until next week. Which reminds me ... I must pick up some wine tomorrow :)

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