Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Willy!

My Will is 7 today. I apologize for the Christmas photo but I just haven't been taking many pictures lately. He was sick on Friday. The sickest he's been in years. But he doesn't complain or make a fuss and has bounced back to his old self. He doesn't like cake so I think I'll make some Birthday Brownies and do pizza for supper. Pretty easy to please.
Although, I had an awful time trying to find a gift for him. He doesn't ask for much and a lot of the time will give away his gifts to Bob if he doesn't love them. I ended up getting a few Pokemon things ... which he loved. I don't understand the silly things at all, but he seems to.
I can't believe how big he is. I miss those chubby cheeks :)

Over at the Noel Mignon message board, we do a little thang called Layout Tag. It's a bit like that game Post Office where you whisper a phrase to the person next to you and she whispers what she thought she heard you say to the next person and so on. In our version, we start with an inspiration layout which is e-mailed to the first person on the list of people participating. That person does a layout based off the inspiration and then her's is e-mailed to the next person. Once everyone has done their layout, all of the layouts are posted in the order they were done.
It is so neat to see it morphing it's way down the line. Definately one of the best scrapbooking "games" I participate in.
This was my layout for the game. I've been saving this photo from the summer and the gorgeous flocked Prima paper for many months. I think the feeling of the day definately comes across in the bright, happy colours.
Can't wait for the next round!


Jana Eubank said...

Happy Birthday, Will! I LOOOOOVE your page, Tara! Everything about it is perfect!

chelemom said...

Happy birthday to Will!!! Your page is perfectly summer and happy! I love the LO tag too....can't wait to see them all done!

Tracey McNeely said...

Happy Birthday Will! Your page, as always, is fabulous!!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

okay.. that is so cool, the inspiration game :) love your layout and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME! :)