Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's too bright out

Am I the only one who gets a headache when the sun shines? I sometimes wonder if I really am a vampire.

Took the boys across the road to sled for a bit around noon. Holy bright out. And I had sunglasses on. My head might have exploded if I hadn't grabbed them. But I think we need some more sledding gear. Couldn't find one of the toboggans and there wasn't one big enough for two people. I want one of those wicked big inner tube deals. They look fun. When I was growing up, a friend of mine had this huge tractor tire inner tube that we'd tie to the back of her 4-wheeler and just go. Soooo much fun. Until she let me drive and I ran her into an iced over snow fort. Boom. Which is why you never let your friends use your stuff. They'll injure you. I can still, to this day, see her trying to put the fort back together. I felt just awful.

Any scrappies going on today? I know that there's some big football game on today ... what's it called? Just kidding Greta. Who Dat! Can someone please explain the "Who Dat!" business. I feel like a loser who's being left out of an inside joke. A joke that half the planet is in on.

Pop on over to Up The Street if you have a quick second. I'm doing a giveaway of some yummy stuff. You may just want to lick it.

In closing ... Go Saints!


Greta Adams said...

who dat was started by a high school band members in new orleans along time ago....that is what we say down here...who dat....who dat say they gonna beat dem saints....
i am still celebrating sista.... whooooooot wooooooo!!!

Chrispea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... I'm finally catching up on my blog hoppin'. I'm glad to hear your mom didn't have to go thru all the yucky chemo. UGH, especially that long ago. Thankfully, it has come a long way, and can be endured.

Looks like your Saints won! Woot!