Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Late to the party

Hey! How is everyone? Where have I been? No where. Just laying low and trying to keep up with everything going on.
I see everyone posting their ten favorite layouts from 2009, so of course I felt that I should jump on the bandwagon.

I don't know that I necessarily see any specific method to my madness, but it's quite obvious that I'm addicted to distressing. And throwing crap on my pages that don't really belong on scrapbook pages. And playing. And generally, just having fun.
That's what it's all about ... right?


Greta Adams said...

that is exactly what it is about...i feel ya on laying low...mee too...but i am ready to go now :)

happy new year sista

Lynnette Davis said...

So it was YOU! :)

A few months ago I seen one of these layouts of yours somewhere online and was inspired to scraplift it. Then I forgot where I found it at to give the proper credit and sadly never shared it...until now.

I found you at random looking over the comments section you left at http://candyshoppedesigns.blogspot.com.

You can find out what i scraplifted by visiting my blog...http://desperatearmyhousewife.blogspot.com