Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why there are no decorations on the lower quarter of my Christmas tree ...

She's cute though ... right? She knocks stuff off and then the dog chews them up. Fantastic.
You'd think they'd be better friends. Not so.
Things can get real nasty with these two.
On to another subject. I've been just awful at taking pictures this fall. My poor camera is feeling so neglected. So after seeing a cool blog post on bokeh, I decided to play a bit. We have some star shaped lights hanging in front of the house. Don't they make fun bokeh shapes?
And just to prove that I have been attending the odd Christmas function, this was taken at Paul's playschool party last week. I don't know how impressed he was with Santa though. I think his favorite part was the food. All through lunch he kept saying, "I love my birthday party". He couldn't quite get it through his head that it was a Christmas party. To him, all parties are birthday parties.

I finished up my shopping yesterday. Now just to get to some wrapping. Hard to do with kids around. In fact, the stuff is still in the van.
We have Christmas at my mom's today, so I better get something done soon.
At least I'm not stressed any more. At this stage, what's done is done. The rest will fall in place.
Have a great day everyone!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

your cat looks like one my sister used to have!!! sooooooo cute!!

Michele and Thomas said...

I just wanted to drop in andsay HI!!! Your blog looks great!!

Greta Adams said...

do share your camera setting for that fabulous picture...and where the hell have ya been? i'm missing ya