Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy Little Week

I can't believe it's already the weekend.
Took Paul to start speech therapy on Tuesday morning. There are two other boys his age who have done the group before and are soooo much further ahead than Paul. I hope it works for him because it's starting to get real frustrating. One of the other mothers there was a girl who was also on the first DT I was ever a part of. It's always nice to see someone you haven't seen in a few years (hi Roxanne!)
I was supposted to get a biopsy done in the afternoon, but after driving in and having a few more mammograms, the doctor decided against it. He's thinking its just calcification and wants me to come back in 6 months. I'm all good with more mammograms. Not so good with biopsies. But it was a real relief just seeing that he didn't seem concerned.
The two older boys started karate on Wednesday night. We don't have them in hockey and I really don't want to start so we're looking for other activities for them. I'm hoping that the high school runs the basketball clinic they did last year. It was open to all of the area grade schools and I think its great for them to meet kids that they'll eventually go to high school with.
Thursday was the chiropracter.
And yesterday was post office, bank, library, etc.
I wish I could figure out a way to do everything in one day to save a bit on gas, but when you're dragging a 2.5 year old around, you only have so much time before the bottom falls out.

In scrappy news, have you seen this? I'm pretty excited, but that's a long list of finalists. Fingers crossed!


laverneboese said...

Yipee Tara! Congratulations on being a finalist. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for ya!

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Good for you Tara, good luck! I'm happy to hear your doctor is not concerned... must be a big relief. My Matty is in Speech Therapy too. My youngest will be starting it soon too. Hang in there. Hoping that moment will arrive when everything just clicks.

roxannen said...

Congrats on being a finalist, good luck on making the creative team! That is also great news about the mammogram results, if he was really concerned he would have done the biopsy I'm sure. Hope you're feeling relieved, and can get your mind off it. As for Paul's speech, 6 months ago Carter was hardly speaking, and only 1-2 words at a time. He has progressed a lot in the past few months. Like you mentioned, some kids are just more stubborn and have to do things in their own time. I hope that he likes the group, learns a little and has fun.

NancyJones said...

WHEHEW congrats Tara!!
Wow you had a busy week! Glad that the dr is not concerned I know that eases your mind.
I remember the days of 2 and 1/2 we also refer to them as He*l. I had a window of about an hour and a half to two hours in the mornings if I had to run errands. Or IT WOULDNT be done. That was all the outting she would stand. I dont envy you on that part. Plus getting in and out of the car seat (NOT COMPLAINING THOSE SAVE LIVES and I AM ADAMENT about CARSEATS)
BUt I know where you are comin' from IT GETS OLD!!

Kelly said...

That was a busy week.
Good luck Tara...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;o)